Five Mind Blowing Tips To Save Your Phones From Virus

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Facing some trouble while operating your phones? Apps crashing more often than usual? Then you must have some viruses in your gadget. Maybe your phones have some viruses in it. It all depends on the operating system of your device. Android is much more vulnerable to hacking than IOS. Although IOS is also not fully secure from viruses. You can visit phone repair shops and take professional help to solve issues.

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Are you looking for some tips to save your gadget from the attack of viruses? For that, here are some tips for you. We will discuss the protection of both IOS and Android.

1) keep phone software updated 

You can save your phone by keeping your phone’s software up to date. Some viruses are detectable and can be removed by the process of updating. Otherwise, you have to face many issues while operating your phones. 

2) Have an antivirus app on your phone 

This is one of the most important things which you must have on your phone. A good antivirus app helps you by preventing viruses from entering your phone.

3) Don’t visit suspicious web sites

Don’t you notice on some websites you click on something but another popup window appears showing something else? Chances are those websites can transfer viruses to your phone. One must be very much careful while visiting any site. If you have some kind of suspicion while visiting a site then close it as soon as possible. 

4) Don’t install from unknown sources 

Chances are your smartphone gets viruses because you download things from unknown sources. To prevent viruses entering your phone you must choose only trusted and authorized websites for downloads. 

5) Read and understand app permission 

To save a few seconds we usually make the mistake of clicking on ‘Agree’ or ‘OK’ without reading what it is asking for. Due to this action, our phones might have to face a lot of trouble. Somehow intentionally we give our permission to viruses. so, be careful while giving app permissions.

Now, You know how the virus can enter your phone and you are fully aware of how you can prevent that virus. Your phone’s safety is in your own hands. 

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