What Steps Should be Taken When We See Apple iPhone Gives an Error 9,4005,4013 while Restoring our Phone?

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When you last try to update or restore your iPhone, you might see the message, “The iPhone [device name could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (4013)” on your phone. If yes, then this may seem like a major problem that needs to be resolved instantly or else it can affect the functioning of your iPhone later. Hence, tech experts always suggest repairing this issue whenever you encounter it.

How to fix error 4013 on iPhone

Most of the iPhone users panic and fall into a confusion of what to do or not. They find it a little tricky to resolve. But it’s a relatively easy problem to solve. Wanna know how you can fix the iPhone error 4013? In this blog, we have rounded up a few ways to fix iPhone error 4013.so, you must check it out, especially if your phone is displaying you this error. Take a look-

Force Restart the iPhone

We all know that a bunch of iPhone issues gets resolved just by restarting the device. This is an easy way to try it if you are seeing the error 4013 messages on your iPhone. Sometimes, a temporary software glitch doesn’t allow the phone to work properly. In such a case, simply restarting your iPhone is a great idea. You can also go for the complete system reset to remove the glitch. It will surely work. If in case, it doesn’t work then you can go for the next option or choose the phone repair shops for the fix. 

Install the Latest Version of iTunes

Sometimes, the main reason behind such errors is the software. It’s the most common cause that affects the functioning of your iPhone. An iPhone user very well knows that iTunes is essential to both restoring and updating. So, it is important to have the latest version of iTunes. There may be a probable chance that this 4013 error occurs because of the old version of iTunes. So, you can fix the error 4013 in your iPhone with a simple, free software update. Simply update iTunes! 

Check USB Cable/ Port/ Connector

There may be several reasons for displaying error 4013 on your iPhone. Sometimes, the fault in the USB cable can lead to such errors. So, you should check the USB/ port/ connector for the same. Using the USB cable of another device that didn’t come up with your iPhone is also the major reason for displaying this error. To ensure that your USB connection is okay, consider these steps-

  • Use the original USB cable
  • Check the cable connections are properly plugged in and there are no loose connections. 
  • Ensure that the USB cable is connected to the port of your iPhone instead of any third party packs or cases. 

Contact Campus Phone Repair 

If you are unable to fix the error 4013 with the above-mentioned ways, then you can reach Campus Phone Repair which is a well-renowned platform that is always ready to help you with all iPhone repair needs. Our team of professional technicians will fix this error instantly in a few minutes. So, you can contact us & avail our services without any second thought. 

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