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Certified Apple Repair vs. Third-Party Repair Prices in Tallahassee

Certified Apple Repair vs. Third-Party Repair Prices in Tallahassee

Apple’s reputation for making it difficult for independent iPhone Repair in Tallahassee to service their smartphones and other devices is well-earned. It’s no big deal for some individuals; after all, they want Apple to fix their iPhones, so they know they’ll get genuine parts and expert repair services.

What happens if you send your iPhone to Apple for repair and then learn that even a routine task like installing a new screen can take weeks, if not months? The alternative is that you either don’t have Apple Care and the repair isn’t covered under warranty, in which case you’ll have to spend hundreds of euros and wait weeks to get your iPhone fixed.

We won’t decide for you, but we’ll certainly help you. See what each option offers and what you might lose out on if you pick one.

Third-Party iPhone Repair in Tallahassee


  • You can get great bargains: Discounted and cheaper overall repair costs can often be found with independent iPhone Repair in Tallahassee. Third-party services are often the best option if you don’t have much money for repairs but need your phone back up and running.
  • A broader scope of repairs: Repairs in the Apple Store are famously limited to the screen and battery. However, third-party services may be ready to investigate other problems, such as a broken Wi-Fi antenna or severe water damage. Depending on the nature of your issue, this adaptability is useful.
  • Better availability: There aren’t Apple Stores on every corner, and having your iPhone shipped to you could be a hassle if you’re in a hurry. Using a specialized vendor saves time and effort. The repair process at Apple Stores is a little more involved than at third-party retailers, who typically allow you to walk in with your phone.
  • Saving data: When a phone is being repaired extensively, the Apple Store will often wipe all data from the device. Shops that aren’t directly involved in your data’s creation or storage are more likely to be cooperative and careful to prevent any loss of information.


Warranty issues: All of your iPhone’s warranties will be null and invalid if you take it to a repair facility that isn’t Apple-approved. You may need to remember to get a new screen or a new model from Apple. When warranties are still in effect during the first year or two of use, this is crucial, but it becomes much less significant after that.

Third parties can make mistakes: Not as often as you think, but it does occur. The fiasco repairing iPhone 8 screens by third parties illustrates this point well; customers discovered that their devices still had issues even after the screens had been changed. Naturally, third-party iPhone Repair in Tallahassee verified as credible are much less likely to make mistakes like these.

Apple Repair


Reliable parts: Fake Apple parts are a common concern since repair shops may often get away with using cheaper alternatives. In the long run, this could cause compatibility problems or speedier breakdowns.

Keeping up with technology: Apple’s newest iPhones are cutting edge, and some independent repair businesses may still need to be able to service them. Because of this, it’s best to let Apple’s experts handle any issues arising from more cutting-edge components, such as OLED displays or high-tech twin cameras.

Trained experts: This benefit is readily apparent in most circumstances. Apple professionals may do repairs effectively since they have received the proper education and equipment. This is critical information for doing complex activities like swapping out iPhone batteries.

Easy replacements: Apple offers a convenient mail-in replacement service for phones with internal damage, which is not something you can get from a third party. This may not be a free choice if you have expired warranties, but it is always an option.


  • Time-consuming process: When you take your iPhone or other Apple product to a repair shop that Apple does not authorize, they may try to make repairs without ordering the necessary parts or sending your device to an offsite location for the work. According to the manual, this procedure can take three to five days, but in practice, it usually takes between one and two weeks.

Last, a warranty is not included in or offered by Apple’s repair charges. Campus Phone Repair provides a 12-month guarantee on all iPhone screen repairs in Tallahassee and a 3-month guarantee on all battery replacements.

  • Setting up appointments: Making time to bring your iPhone into an Apple Store for any significant repairs typically requires making an appointment, which can take time. You can also send your phone in the mail for repairs; however, this can take a lot of time (sometimes weeks). If you want to know where things stand with your repair, you can do so online, which is nice but a small benefit.
  • Costs: There is no sign of Apple lowering its repair prices, which are often much higher than those charged by third-party vendors (a basic replacement can cost several hundred dollars on recent iPhones). Because of this, you may find that even inexpensive fixes are out of reach.

Convinced? Head to our iPhone Repair in Gainesville, Fl, or contact us if you have more questions.

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