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When accidental damage and software glitches deem your iPhone unusable, it can be incredibly inconvenient. Not only does a broken iPhone make it challenging to get work done, it can also make it difficult to stream your favorite TV series, respond to emails, shop online, and check social media. But just because your device is malfunctioning or damaged doesn’t necessarily mean you need to break the bank by replacing it with the newest model. Even though iPhones are phones considered to be of the highest quality, they often face problems related to battery drainage and screen damage. It has also been seen that with time it faces software and hardware issues as well due to continuous use over the years. If you witness your iPhone not working properly, bring it to us, as we are ready to take charge of your phone. We have a highly advanced team that works for your device and implements the suitable solution that will allow your iPhone to work in the initial optimum working condition. 


Why Should You Trust Campus Phone Repair For IPhone Repair?

Same-Day Repair

We never wish that you have to suffer separation anxiety for a longer time. Our experienced technicians repair your iPhone on the same day to make it fully functional.

Use of Quality Spare Parts

Seeking the genuine parts of the iPhone is no better than a damaged part. Since we want you to use your iPhone for a long time, we only use genuine parts of screen replacement and battery replacement of any other damaged part.

Expertise with all iPhone Problems

In our offering of services, we have all the high-tech diagnostic and repair tools required to fix an iPhone. An efficient technician team uses these tools to access iPhone repair services.

No matter whatever is the iPhone model is, we can fix it.

It takes an experienced, highly-skilled, and detailed oriented technician to perform a proper iPhone repair. Small screws, delicate flex cables, and expensive components make up your phone’s internals. Having someone who doesn’t know what they are doing, attempt to work on your iPhone can render it useless. Several steps go into fixing your phone the right way. If you skip any crucial steps, you can cause your once-working device to become completely inoperable and useless. At Campus Phone repair, all our iPhone repair services experts are highly trained and have the better knowledge to diagnose, repair, and test any issue you may have with your phone. From cracked screens to screen replacement, we work on each flaw. We offer iPhone repair services and repair options that meet your needs.

Which are the Some Common Issues We Fix?

iPhone Screen Repair

As careful as you might be, your iPhone screen is made of glass. Using an iPhone with a broken screen can make you frustrated.

iPhone Battery Replacement

A battery replacement in your iPhone will pointedly improve the performance of your device. Battery replacements are fast and affordable.

iPhone Charger port & more

When your iPhone or other device stops charging or you experience another malfunction. You can rely on us for easy iPhone repair services.

Campus Phone Repair is mobile heaven made for those who want to have something extra from their phone.