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Tablet Repair Services In Tallahassee, FL

Tablet Repair From Trained Experts In Tallahassee, FL

Tablets are everyone’s favorite gadget. Yes, we all love having full computer features in a perfectly portable size. But breaks and cracks still happen, and that’s where we can help you. At Campus Phone repair, we know everything about tablets; you can trust us with yours. We can fix cracks, part replacements, water damage, and charge port repairs. With our Tablet repair services, you can get back to binge your top Netflix and Amazon Prime videos.

We completely understand what breaking your favorite piece of tech feels like, and we want to put you at ease. With us, you are getting the highest quality repair at the lowest price, so bring your iPad, Google, Amazon, or any other brand tablet to one of our stores for free diagnostic so that we can come upon Tablet repair with ease.


What Kind Of Tablet Repair Services Can You Expect From Us?​

Because our tablets can do so many daily things online, we use them often at different places that aren’t necessarily all that safe for sensitive electronic devices. It’s just the nature of portable items that are trending to get dropped once in a while, and eventually, one of those drops can result in your screen cracking.

Cracked tablet screens aren’t just unsightly; they also interfere with the proper function of your tablet. The Campus Phone Repair team knows how to fix your cracked tablet screen, so it looks and works like new. Screen repair is the most common type of tablet repair service we handle, so be assured that we have the suitable materials and experience to give you back a clear, crack-free screen with good touch sensitivity.

Restoring Charging Systems

A tablet device without a well-efficient charge is just useless. Many hours of use, especially in dusty or damp environments, can leave the contact points ineffective in your charger device. We are working on each tablet repair with ease as we have a lot of experience in the same. If you have ever moved your device while it was charging and seen the cord pulling inside its port, you may have done some damage. Whatever the reason for the problem, if you can’t maintain a consistent connection when you plug in your tablet, it’s time to check into Campus Phone Repair charging port repair services. We’re your choice for getting all types of tablets to assess properly. Everything from an Amazon tablet to a Samsung is in our skill set, and we’ll make it easy for you to get back to 100%.

Battery Replacement

Of course, having a functioning charger is no good if it’s connected to a bad battery. Batteries don’t last forever; in many cases, the devices that use them stay much longer than the batteries. After hundreds of charging cycles, the battery in your tablet, iPad, or other devices may have finally reached the end of its time cycle. The result is a costly, worthless device because you can’t power it up accordingly. Unlike putting some new option of batteries into your smoke detector, flashlight, or another battery-powered device- changing the battery in a tablet is not as easy as one thinks. It requires a lot of information in the same experience and quality tools, and one small mistake could ruin your tablet permanently. Instead of taking chances with tablet repair services, let Campus Phone Repair install a new battery to keep your device going for a longer time.

Your One-stop Tablet Repair Shop in Tallahassee, FI

We all naturally want our devices to work optimally at all times, and when they don’t, a number of people’s first instinct is to try and solve the problem themselves. This is often a well-placed desire, and it even works out in many cases, but poking and prodding around too much without specific training is likely to increase damage or risk when it comes to tablets and other forms of electronics.

At Campus Phone Repair, we’re proud to offer a variety of tablet repair services by using state-of-the-art tools and techniques. We’ve seen various tablet damage or other concerns, and we’ll advise you on the most cost-effective solution for the problems with your device. In addition, we’re happy to take calls from clients who have recently experienced damage to a tablet – we always provide the most suitable solution to your device concerns and repair it quickly with a warranty. Giving a warranty after repairing your device is our core, and that allows customers to partner with us.

Campus Phone Repair is mobile heaven made for those who want to have something extra from their phone.