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We offer repair services for your iPhones, iPads, computers, tablets, and other smartphones. Campus Phone Repair provides peace of mind when you need immediate assistance and quality repairs for your devices.

iPhone Repair

Screen Repair If your cell phone screen is cracked, has a distorted image, no image, or the touch is malfunctioning

Cell Phone Repair

Camera Replacement, if your cameras are cracked, do not work, or produce a blank or distorted image

Computer Repair

Virus/Malware Removal, if popups are an everyday thing or your computer runs really slow

Ipad Repair

Liquid damage repair if your cell phone dropped in water, got wet from the rain, or was exposed to any kind of liquid

Tablet Repair

Button repair, if your tablet power button, home button, or volume buttons are unresponsive or stuck


We can solve almost all issues for all Tablet models

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We have been in the phone repair industry for years and have managed to gather a massive client base because of our quality parts and assistance. We have only the most authentic device parts you need to fix screens, batteries, speakers, microphones, etc. Consider visiting us for your repairs!

Campus Phone Repair


We can solve almost any issue for any device.

What we repair in Phone

Campus Phone Repair is mobile heaven made for those who want to have something extra from their phone.